Time for God

Hello Sisteren,
Now that I am extremely busy with interning, school, family, and church, God has given me the opportunity to experience what many of you experience year in and year out. I am experiencing the struggle to keep God first. If we are not careful all of our other daily responsibilities will seem to push God further and further down the list of priorities. I am learning that I must fight to keep God in His rightful place in my life as the Head, number one, and the headliner of my life. I used to have the luxury of studying my Bible at length whenever I desired. Now, I must carve out time at lunch to get in some Word. I listen to sermons driving in to work, and I sing praises driving home. I set an alarm on my phone to remind me to pray, and remind me to make a daily gratitude list (just because I get the reminder does not mean I always do it). Without these conscious efforts I fear I would not think of God at all until Sunday when it is time to worship again. With this frame of reference my insights from studying all seem to revolve around the fact that there are many acts throughout the day that give God glory. Today I read II Cor 9. Although this chapter speaks of financial giving, I thought any giving of self will receive the same blessings. The Bible says the more you give, the more God gives so that you can continue giving. I believe this applies to anything that you give. The more time you give, the more God seems to give you time to take care of your responsibilities. So take time out to show some love and concern to someone else. The more love you give, the more love seems to come back to you. So I encourage us all to continue looking for ways to give of self even with our busy schedules, and I believe God will continue blessing you with all that you need to continue blessing others.
In love,