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Marcia Lewis

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Thank God for
Trouble: Lessons Learned Through My Cancer Journey

by Marcia Lewis

We are excited to announce the release of a powerful and inspiring new book, “Thank God for Trouble: Lessons Learned Through My Cancer Journey,” written by Marcia Lewis, LCSW. Drawing from her own experiences, Marcia shares her wisdom, strength, and spiritual growth as she navigated her own cancer journey.

This book is a heartfelt and honest account of the challenges faced by cancer patients, survivors, and their loved ones. Through a series of real-life stories and insights, Marcia illustrates the importance of faith, resilience, and self-care in the midst of adversity.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be inspired and uplifted by Marcia’s transformative journey. Whether you’re a cancer patient, survivor, caretaker, or supporter, “Thank God for Trouble” is a must-read for anyone seeking hope, healing, and spiritual growth.


Kim Brown

Kim Brown
“Marcia is genuine and passionate when she speaks. She goes deep into scripture and helps me see personal application that I never would have seen without her.”

Karen Mills

Karen Mills
“Just when I think she cannot get any better, she does! It is amazing to see God working in her in order to be more received by those who hear Him through her.”

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Valera Dudly
“I love to hear Marcia speak because she is real and she seems to talk with you and not at you.”

Shawntaye Smith

Shawntaye Smith
“Every time I hear Marcia speak I walk away with a better understanding of the plan God has for my life. God has truly blessed her with a wonderful gift.”

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Hailey Saldutti
“Marcia helped me feel more secure in my understanding of God’s word, and brought context and life to many Bible stories I learned as a child.”

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