Blessings to the Princesses of the kingdom of God,

The best lessons for me are the ones that God reveals specifically to me for me that are applied to just my situation. These lessons are impactful and life changing. Sometimes it is nothing new just something that hits home at the right moment for me. So here is my personal lesson from God this week:

In every situation that worries you or burdens you or causes any negative thinking, learn to pray for and seek a godly purpose in your struggle. For years I viewed a certain person’s judgmental, often negative view of others as a reason to resist this person. Then God brought to my mind the godly thought of, “I must be an example of how to overlook the faults of others and just love them. I must be the example of how to forgive often and love unconditionally. I must be the example of how to risk being hurt again and again and again in order to save the souls of others who we are quick to judge.

This new approach has brought peace to a long relationship filled with resistance to draw near due to this person’s attitudes. Now I can draw near knowing God has a spiritual purpose for this relationship to continue.

Hallelujah! Thank you Lord for love me enough to teach me