God has given me the opportunity to mention this website four times in the past week.  REAL TALK is I better pay more attention to the opportunities God gives me so that I do not lose them, and then have God hold me accountable for that.  So in that vein, I must be about my Father’s business.  I continue to work in the vineyard for the Lord, but honestly, I am struggling with maintaining the zealous fire to do His will.  I fear that I am doing the work out of habit not out of a burning desire to love God and love His people.  I never want to serve God that way.  I want to wake up excited that God has given me another opportunity to do His will and love all of his creation.  I know that this will only occur with continued study and focused prayer asking God to fill me with His zeal.  I ask that you all pray as well for me and for yourselves that God will fill you and me with a passionate love for Him and his purpose.