Real Talk

In the “Real Talk” series, you’ll discover honest conversations about our struggles, doubts, and vulnerabilities. Our contributors share their hearts, revealing the challenges they face while seeking a deeper relationship with God and with each other.


I am reluctant to admit this, but… I need you. I need you, my sister, to love me, to encourage me, to push me forward into God’s purpose for my life. And, you may not want to admit it either, but you need me. To admit this is frightening because I must admit that I am vulnerable, that I hurt, and that I cannot do this alone. Just as others have told me, “your words are helpful,” I must tell you, “your words are helpful to me too.” This is why Jesus instructed us to encourage each other. I am not allowing my fingers to type any type of promise or commitment. Other than that, I must continue pushing forward and pushing higher. If I don’t, Satan will win. So please help me, my sisters, to push forward, push higher, push stronger so that We all get the victory.


Everyone who says they love the Lord really does not. Our love is evidenced by our behavior. Our love for the Lord is evidenced by our effort to love others. If you worship every Sunday yet make no effort from one Sunday to the next to reach out and show some love to someone who is not your family or close friend, then you need to reevaluate your love.


Never ever think you are safe from Satan, even when you are doing God’s work.  During my last speaking engagement Satan was able to instill the thought, “You are bombing”.  This caused me to doubt if this was really my gift.  I thank God for my close friend who brought to my attention that Satan would love for me to think this so I would stop doing the work that God has given me to do.

Then my friend and sister in Christ shared a part of her life that was totally being influenced by Satan, but she was unable to see it because she was too close to the situation.  I thank God I was her close friend and she accepted my observation in the love that it was given.  THIS IS THE TRUE REASON WE ARE SISTERS IN CHRIST, TO HELP EACH OTHER DEFEND AGAINST SATAN.


God has given me the opportunity to mention this website four times in the past week.  REAL TALK is I better pay more attention to the opportunities God gives me so that I do not lose them, and then have God hold me accountable for that.  So in that vein, I must be about my Father’s business.  I continue to work in the vineyard for the Lord, but honestly, I am struggling with maintaining the zealous fire to do His will.  I fear that I am doing the work out of habit not out of a burning desire to love God and love His people.  I never want to serve God that way.  I want to wake up excited that God has given me another opportunity to do His will and love all of his creation.  I know that this will only occur with continued study and focused prayer asking God to fill me with His zeal.  I ask that you all pray as well for me and for yourselves that God will fill you and me with a passionate love for Him and his purpose.


This was a difficult week for me spiritually.  There are times when the ugliness of the world gets me down and I have difficulty maintaining my joy in being a Christian.  This was one of those weeks with the terrorist attack in Charleston.  At first, I was not able to identify why I was feeling distant from God.  Then I started to talk about how I felt with some sisters and God revealed what was really on my heart; anger, frustration, and fear.  For me, it is difficult to feel the pain in the world and maintain my joy, peace, and passion in serving the Lord.  This is why I go weeks without watching the news.  As I allowed others to lift me up, one sister (and my daughter) reminded me that the terrorist attacker is under the influence of Satan and my response to pull away from God is exactly what Satan wants me to do.

I am working on recognizing the decline of our society and the persistent hatred throughout the ages as the work of Satan.  And, I am trying to laugh in his face because of my firm faith that God still sits on the throne.


My real talk is that I have been negligent on this page.  Many things start with good intentions and great motivation.  Then time marches on, life happens, and great ideas seem to be pushed to the back.  We think we are committed until we get tired.  I believe our commitment to the Lord is often the same way.  We start on the right foundation of believing Jesus is our savior and we are motivated to serve him.  Then time marches on and our zeal and excitement wane.  Thankfully, God is patient and provides everything we need for life and godliness.  We just need to take advantage of what he has given.  I pray we all continue to strive to maintain our zeal as we march along.