Real Walk

The “Real Walk” series focuses on the practical application of our faith in everyday life. From evangelism to avoiding sinful media, discovering our God-given gifts, and maintaining our Christian values in the workplace, our contributors provide insights and advice for walking closer with God in various aspects of our lives.


What are we saying to ourselves that allows us to ignore the mission God has given us to; evangelize the world? How do we justify focusing more on what we want than on what He wants? First, I believe we convince ourselves that, “God understands”. This may be true, however, we should “understand” when our blessings dry up whether they be physical or spiritual. Second, we allow fear to stop us at every turn with thoughts like, “They go to their own church”, or, “I can tell they won’t be interested”. Both of these thoughts are from Satan who smiles whenever we turn away from the Holy Spirit who guides us and instead turns toward Satan who hinders us. Choose ye this day whom you will serve……. Joshua 24:15


The television is full, full, full of sin. You cannot watch a simple tv show without being reminded of sin. So what do we do? This is an area where we have an opportunity to stand firm in God’s word and refuse to allow Satan a foot hole into our minds as much as is possible. We do not have to sit back and just allow sin to rule. We do have a choice to stand up and be counted as a soldier and not a coward for the Lord.

This means that eventually, we are going to have to choose to turn off the television, not go to see certain movies and block those from our social media feeds who push sin. Believe me, I know how hard this is. And everyone comes to this point of their Christian journey at different times. Several years ago my sister-in-law said, “I will not watch anything over pg13”. In my mind, I thought that was a ridiculous thing to say. In my naïve mind, I thought SHE was the weak one. But now, I get it. I watched the first season of Empire and loved it. I watched several seasons of Scandal and I loved it. But then this verse was explained in a sermon.

“Romans 1:32 Although they (Christians) know God’s righteous decree that those who do such things deserve death, they not only continue to do these very things but also approve of those who practice them”.

The minister explained that doing sinful acts is wrong, but also approving and enjoying watching those who practice sin is wrong. So, you may not be participating but you must ask yourself what does it mean about your state of mind if you enjoy watching all the shows that glamorize sin? Real Walk often requires sacrifice.


I often hear from others, “I don’t know what God wants me to do” or, “I don’t know what my gift or ministry is”. I have discovered that, for me, being willing to invest time in the lives of others is a ministry all of its own. You do not need to have a command of scripture, or the ability to share a lesson. The most important thing you must have is a desire to love another person. From this place, God has opened a ministry of discipleship to young women. Everyone needs someone in their corner willing to share their successes and failures to help someone else. Consider if God might be able to use you in the life of another woman.


I absolutely love my new job. However, now that I have been there all of two months the shininess is wearing off and I am seeing things that are not so great. The honeymoon is over, and the tests to maintain my Christianity with coworkers and clients who do not know my Lord are beginning. I am trying real hard to bite my tongue and smile while a few people around me act like donkeys and buffoons. Yet, I must remember that these tests are my opportunities to grow in faith, and for that, I must experience joy (I’m waiting for the joy).